How much is a lesson?

Visit our ‘Lesson Packs’ page to see pricing options and choose the one that suits your needs and budget. You can purchase a single lesson or multiples of lessons.

If I buy a package, when would the lessons expire?

There is no expiry on the lesson vouchers.

How do I book a lesson?

The most efficient way is to either call or text 0411 108 633 to discuss suitable times for your lesson. You can also email admin@manualdrivingmadeeasy.com.au or leave a message via the ‘Contact’ form.

What areas do you cover?

The South/Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne. From Toorak to Wantirna in one direction and from Box Hill to Heatherton in the other direction. If you live just outside this area, please contact us as we will endeavour to assist you with lessons.

What type of vehicle do you use?

Mazda3 Hatchback

What hours do you work?

9am till 8pm Tuesday till Friday
9am till 5.30pm Saturday.
Closed on Sunday and Monday.

How do I pay?

1. You can pay through this website under the menu ‘Lesson Packs’ using a credit card (Visa or Mastercard only) or Direct Deposit into our bank account; OR
2. Pay at the start of the lesson either by:
a. Cash; or
b. Direct Deposit at BSB: 083-004 A/C No. 505 094 735  Ref: Students Name. This deposit (Osko – immediate transfer) must be received into our bank account prior to any lesson taking place.

What’s so good about ‘This Month Only Special’ prices?

All those prices have been reduced by 20% because you are buying in bulk, and there is no expiry on those lesson vouchers.

What if I live outside your area?

We have students who choose to meet us at a train/tram or bus stop within our area when they can’t find someone suitable to teach them within their own area.

Why should I choose you over other driving Instructors?

My sole interest is in the welfare of yourself and in keeping you and other road users safe. My teaching is not to get you a licence but to teach you how to drive safely on your own so when you do have your licence you remain safe and you will pass your driving test without having to change how you drive.

What is the most common challenge for you as a driving instructor?

It is teaching my students to stop hurrying. Once you stop hurrying, everything is so simple and easy because we are focusing only on what needs to be done and if it is safe to do so.

I see you were a police officer!

That is correct and I bring all those skills I learnt from the various driving courses I did whilst in the Police Force and the experience of working on the Highway Patrol enforcing road laws. You will find I treat everyone with respect and my motto is, ‘Have fun, laugh a lot and make as many mistakes as you like’ Learning should be fun.

Can I do the drive test in my own car?

Yes, but conditions do apply. Click on the link below and then scroll down to ‘Can I use my own car?’ to view those conditions.


What if I want to do the test in your car?

You would liaise with me on possible test dates prior to booking your test as I need to be available to take you in the car we have been learning in for your test. The tester would sit in the rear left seat and we would resume our normal position in the car.

How soon should I do my Hazard Perception Test?

Ideally, 3 weeks or earlier prior to your test date. In the event you fail, you will have time to rebook and pass this test prior to the drive test. You must be at least 17yrs and 11mths before you can sit the test.

Should I do more than the required 120hrs in my logbook?

Definitely, in case a signature is not accepted in the log book, you will still have sufficient hours to cover the 120hr requirement.

Should I listen to what others tell me about their experiences in their tests?

Always confirm what you heard with your instructor as there are so many rumours circulating that are not correct.

Can I practice the Hazard Perception Test before the day of the test?

What happens on the day of my test?

Click on the link below to download the brochure, which explains the process.

What you need to know about your drive test brochure

Is there an App I can use to record my hours?

Yes, there is. The App is called MyLearners which is downloaded from Apple or Google which is detailed in the link below or you can use the traditional paper logbook. Also download the ‘Learners Kit’ from this link.


How do I know what the Road Rules are?

‘The Road to Solo Driving Handbook’ contains the road rules which you need to know to be able to drive on the road. Download this Handbook from the link below.


Is there a special offer for new students?

Yes there is!

We would like you to try our service first before deciding to commit to lessons with our drive school and offer you your first 60min lesson at a 25% discount.

To Book that discounted lesson, please click on the link below ’60min lesson – 25% Off – New Student Only’ or from the website home page ‘Book Now’ (immediately below this message).

60min lesson – 25% Off – New Student Only

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