How To Enter A Roundabout

We should approach a roundabout at a speed we can observe what the other traffic is doing in and also approaching the roundabout so we can assess whether or not we have to stop or can keep going. All vehicles in the roundabout have right of way.

We too often see vehicles stopping at roundabouts when there is no need to. The reason this happens generally is because the driver has not worked out whether he needs to stop or not prior to arriving at the roundabout.

This can cause an accident if the driver behind isn’t expecting the vehicle in front of him to stop, as there’s no reason to be stopping.

A simple method in doing this early is to do it in the following order.

  1. CHECK ONCOMING VEHICLES: Before arriving at the roundabout, look for traffic approaching the roundabout from the opposite direction and if they are indicating to turn right, then you may have to give way to them if arriving at the roundabout at the same time as yourself. But if the oncoming vehicles are turning left or going straight ahead, then it has no effect on you entering the roundabout.
  2. CHECK TO THE RIGHT: Check to your right as you approach the roundabout and then again as you near the roundabout and in time to stop at the stop line if there is a vehicle approaching on your right or already entering the roundabout.
  3. CHECK TO THE LEFT: Once you know it is safe to enter the roundabout, then a quick look to the left incase a vehicle isn’t going to stop and give way to you, so you can stop to avoid an accident.

Remember, you must approach an intersection at a speed to be able to stop to avoid an accident. No matter who is in the right or wrong.

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