Giving Way To Pedestrians When Turning Left or Right

Too many drivers fail to to give way to pedestrians when turning at an intersection.

If you are turning left or right out of a street or into a street, you must give way to pedestrians.

Too often at T intersections we see drivers not stopping and continuing their turn without any consideration of the dangers.

A good rule is if you can’t see far enough up the road to the left and right prior to reaching the intersection, then always stop.

If you are too busy looking to the right without stopping at the T intersection, you may run over a pedestrian or child on a bike whom you should be stopping and giving way to. The car approaching on your left may be on the incorrect side of the road because of parked cars and have a head on collision.

Under these circumstances, if you kill a pedestrian or a motorist, you will be charged with Culpable Driving.

Is it worth the risk just to save a split second.

The law is you must approach an intersection at a speed that you can stop to avoid an accident.

Doesn’t matter who is in the right or wrong, we want to avoid injury and damage.

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