Treating Learner’s With Respect & Patience

We sometimes forget that we were once learners and needed space and patience by other drivers.

What do you think the ‘L’ Plate on a car represents? (Similar for ‘P’ Plate drivers)

It’s telling you that the driver is learning how to drive and will make mistakes as that’s what learning is about. We learn from our mistakes.

And that is why we should give the learner some space, keep our distance and refrain from jumping on the horn because they haven’t moved off as quickly as you would as an experienced driver.

The number of times I’ve had the experience as a driving instructor where my student has been slow to take off at a ’T’ intersection, and the impatient driver behind goes onto the incorrect side of the road to go around us and nearly had a head on collision with a vehicle turning into the street.

Is it worth the risk of causing serious injury or death to either a pedestrian, driver/passenger in another vehicle or in your vehicle for the sake of saving 1 or 2 seconds.

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